Saturday, July 26, 2014


As of this afternoon, my first published novel Crow Creek has sold 114 copies.  Thank you to all who have purchased one or have otherwise supported my efforts.  The process has been challenging, thrilling, and rewarding.  This has been a roller coaster ride and a lifelong dream come true.

The good news is that I haven't stopped writing.  I just completed the rough draft of Queensboro, my follow-up horror novel to Crow Creek.  I'm quite proud and very excited about this sequel.

The story picks up where Crow Creek left off but takes place mostly in Queensboro, a neighboring town in Holt County and home to Carolina Entech, a mysterious clinical laboratory, and Jacobs Court, luxury apartments renovated as part of a local gentrification effort.  This time, the protagonists are asked not merely to question their faith but to redefine themselves and where they belong in the imminent chaos.

Sheriff Brad, Black Jesus, and Big Ben Gleason all play major roles, but the story focuses more on Mrs. Scott, whose son and husband lost their lives in the aftermath of the King Street sinkhole; Curly, the gullible deputy who protected downtown after the explosion at Gallagher's Pub; Gus Pappas, a Greek restaurant owner in Queensboro; and Earle Pruitt, an elementary schoolteacher.  Together, they search for a missing girl and uncover the truth about a dangerous biological experiment.

I committed to this project last spring after Crow Creek debuted and continued writing at least a thousand words per day even while on summer trips to Florida, Pennsylvania, and Canada.  I plan to revise and get feedback from close family and friends before pursuing the market.  I'm hopeful my fans will enjoy reading Queensboro as much I did writing it.

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